5989 Us Hwy 90 Theodore, AL 36582
Phone - 251.298.7080

Classes & Rules

Code of Conduct

  • OnTrack Raceway strives to be a family friendly atmosphere for all ages. Please be respectful. The following will not be tolerated:
    • Foul, crude, or profane language
    • Disrespectful or unsportsman-like conduct
    • The use of illegal substances on the premises.
    • Smoking anywhere in the building. There is a designated smoking area outside of the building
    • Any other behavior that the race director or staff deem inappropriate
  • Racers must bring a towel or pit mat to protect the tables.
  • Racers must pick up their own trash at the end of the day.
  • Please keep the restrooms neat and clean. (We’re not your mother)
  • The sand buckets are for Li-Po battery fires only. They are not to be used for general trash or discarding your safe, used batteries.
  • LiPo batteries must be charged in flame retardant charging sacks designed for LiPo batteries.
  • Only paid members may reserve a pit space or leave pit mats, shelves, and other belongings.
  • Ontrack Raceway is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  • Unless given specific permission by the race director, you must marshal the race immediately following yours. If you physically unable to marshal, please find a volunteer to substitute for you.
  • Severe or repeat offenders of the code of conduct and rules may be banned permanently. Any illegal activity will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Race Rules for All Classes

  • All LiPo batteries must have a hard case.
  • Batteries must NOT be charged beyond their design voltage (4.20V per cell for standard LiPo’s).
  • No reverse allowed during races. It must be locked out in your speed control.
  • All vehicles must meet their class’s minimum ride height requirements. No part of the vehicle can drag on the carpet. 3mm minimum for 1/12 scale pan cars and 5mm minimum for most other classes. See class rules for specific requirements.
  • All vehicles must be free of dirt, mud, oil, etc. Our carpet racing surface is a significant investment.
  • Although we have a limited number of handout transponders, we recommend that racers provide their own. Handouts are first come, first serve and need to be returned to the charging rack after each race. We use MyLaps RC4 transponders (AMB/2-wire/3-wire/MRT mPTX)
  • If we do not have at least three vehicles in a class, we may (at race director’s discretion) combine classes.

21.5 Touring Car
• 21.5 ROAR legal brushless motor
• Non-timing, blinky ESC
• Jaco Blues rubber tires (JAC2432)
• 2 cell 7.4v battery
• GBS body rules 190mm
• Rear wing no higher than roof line or wider than car
• 4mm minimum ride height
• 1320g minimum weight
• 6 min heats and mains

• 21.5 ROAR legal brushless motor
• Non-timing, blinky ESC
• Gravity USGT Spec tire
• 2 cell 7.4v battery
• USGT Body 190 or 200mm body. No Touring, WGT, Vans, SUV, etc.
• 5mm minimum ride height
• 1350g (4wd) minimum weight
• 5 min heats and 7 min mains

US Vintage Trans Am
• Any ROAR approved 25.5 motor
• Non-timing, blinky ESC
• 2 cell 7.4v 6000 MAH limit battery
• Protoform VTA wheels and tires only
• Vintage Trans-Am Body (driver figure is optional)
• 5mm minimum ride height
• 1425g minimum weight
• 5 min heats and 8 min mains.

• ROAR legal 25.5 motor
• 2 cell 7.4v battery
• Non-timing, blinky ESC
• Open F1 rubber tires
• Molded wings only (no lexan)
• 3mm minimum ride height
• 190mm max width
• 1050g minimum weight
• 5 min heats and main

• 21.5 Roar legal motor
• 1 cell 3.7v battery
• Non-timing, blinky ESC
• Spec foam tire with blue or purple stripe
• GT12 style body (no wedge bodies)
• 3mm minimum ride height
• 730g minimum weight
• 5 min heats and main

Tamiya Euro Truck
• Tamiya TT01E-based racing semi kits only
• Truck must be built according to the manual
• All lexan body parts must be used
• Only hopups allowed are ball bearings
• Round case, 2 cell 7.4v lipo battery
• Stock ESC may be replaced with a Hobbywing 1060
• Tuning is limited to greases and oils
• Stock motor, gearing, tires, and wheels must be used
• Gluing of front tire sidewalls is allowed
Oval Rules
  • 2WD 17.5T 1/10 Buggy
  • 2WD 17.5T 1/10 Stadium Truck
  • 4WD 13.5T 1/10 Buggy
  • 2WD Traxxas Slash “Stock Spec” class (See rules below)
  • Novice – For new and younger drivers. Open to any of the vehicles above.
  • NO 4WD SCT or 1/8 scale
Rules for all classes:
  1. Chassis protectors are required. All vehicles must be free of any low hanging parts or screw heads that could damage the carpet.
  2. All vehicles must be clean and free of mud and dirt.
  3. All 13.5T and 17.5T classes must run “blinky” mode in their speed controls. Motors, ESC’s, and ESC firmware must be ROAR approved for all 13.5T and 17.5T classes.
  4. LiPo’s cannot be charged above 4.20V per cell or 8.40V per 2S pack. Batteries larger than 2S are not allowed. All LiPo’s must have a hard case.
  5. Slick rubber tires only. These can be production slick tires, or sanded down pin tires (Except Traxxas Slash class).
  6. Only SXT 3.0 (Black) traction compound may be used.
Traxxas Slash 2WD “Stock Spec” Class:
  1. Stock 2WD Traxxas Slash truck.
  2. Must run stock Traxxas tires or rubber slicks. This includes any tire which originally shipped with the RTR 2WD brushed motor Slashes.
  3. Must run stock brushed Traxxas 12-turn motor and Traxxas ESC with reverse disabled. The motor bullet connectors must remain in place. The battery connector may be changed to any type of connector.
  4. Traxxas 2075/2075x servo only.
  5. 2S hard case LiPo or 6 or 7 cell NiMh/NiCad batteries only.
  6. This is intended to be a low-cost, “stock spec”, fun class. The spirit of the class is to allow any racer to be competitive without costly upgrades. Modifications such as drilling, grinding, milling, or cutting stock parts to reduce weight or change the handling of the truck are not allowed. Aftermarket parts are prohibited with the following exceptions. Only allowed modifications are:
    • Aluminum shock caps may be used.
    • Shock oil, spring pre-load spacers, shock travel limiters (internal or external), and springs may be changed.
    • Body may be changed with another Short Course Truck style body.
    • You may use your own transmitter and receiver. The waterproof receiver box may be removed.
    • Any brand of pinion is allowed. Maximum pinion size is 19t
    • Allowable durability upgrades-
      • RPM Rear Hub Carriers (80832/80835)
      • RPM Caster Blocks (80712 - all colors)
  7. We welcome all racers. 2WD Slashes that do not meet the above rules may run with the Novice class